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English translation of 'Kind'

ADJECTIVE Someone who is kind behaves in a gentlecaring, and helpful way towards other people. The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. e.g She is warmhearted and kind to everyone and everything.


German translation of 'Kind'

NEUTER NOUN child, kid (inf); (= Kleinkind) baby; (esp Psych, Med) infant

British English: child  /tʃaɪld/ noun von Kind an or auf hat er … since he was a child or from childhood he has …

A child is a human being who is not yet an adult.


English translation of 'Do'

VERB When you do something, you take some action or perform an activity or task.
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How Kindoo! was born

After suddenly finding herself widowed with two young children, Kindoo! founder Martina Dunkel, struggled to marry her desire to be a great mum involved in her children’s lives AND also access quality, cost effective care and education that would allow her to work and provide for her family.

It was a real problem…Childcare provided me with extended care hours, but it was really expensive and many learning programs unspectacular. On the other hand, sessional kinder was great but was only available for a few hours here and there each week and wouldn’t fit in with normal work hours.”

Martina, having run a number of businesses in the past, saw a huge opportunity to provide not only a quality service that families were looking for but to also support families that were isolated and needed a ‘village to raise their children’.

And from this, Kindoo! was born.

What we value

“We help families access quality, cost effective care and education when they need it”

We help families…

In modern Australia, families come in all different shapes and sizes but regardless of what shape your family takes, we understand the importance of having support in place to help you achieve your goals for your child. Whether this is warm and nurturing care for your 6 month old or a safe, inclusive environment for your child to learn and grow in, the Kindoo! Team is there for you.


… Access quality care and education

Every child is important and needs support and learning to thrive. Not only do we strictly adhere to our health and safety policies, but we also provide individualised care and learning.

Babies and Toddlers unique needs are supported through a continuation of your home routines into the care environment at Kindoo! and through our innovative, world class Kindoo! Intro program.

We support pre-schoolers through robust Kinder programs that teach not only pre-literacy and numeracy but also life and socialisation skills through the use of the most up-to-date thinking in early childhood education. Our learning environments are stimulating, designed to engage and grow each child’s confidence.


… Cost Effectively

With the ability to tailor care and education hours to a family’s work and other activities, Kindoo!’s unique, award winning sessional care and education booking structure helps smart families save on their childcare costs.


… When they need it

Providing families with the ability to lock in their bookings for those sessions they need Permanently each week and then access Casual and Emergency bookings 24/7 via our booking app, gives the flexibility to not only plan for the future but to also deal with life’s little emergencies when they happen.

“We welcome all children and their families. As educators and carers, we embrace and celebrate not only our own cultures but all cultures and diversity in Australia. We create belonging.”

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A Little About Us

Proudly Australian owned and operated, we are a fast growing, affordable service that is accredited, licensed and regularly audited by the Australian Government. 

Our high quality learning and care programs are specifically designed to meet the unique learning requirements of each age group- from babies and toddlers right through to those entering school for the first time and into junior primary. All Kindoo! learning programs are based on the Early Years Learning Development Framework and overseen by a Degree qualified early childhood teacher and educational leader.

This means that not only is Kindoo! affordable, our care and education are also of a consistently high quality. Our campus provides a warm, vibrant and inclusive environment where the wellbeing and safety of the children and our staff is top priority. 

We are proudly

Australian Owned & Operated

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Happy Parents

We love the centre and the teachers! Mackenzie absolutely loves it! We are so so so happy!!

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