7 Reasons why Kindoo! is right for your family

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Finally, a childcare and early education service that provides what parents need most…
affordability, flexibility, transport, safety, superior education, easy bookings and great staff.
Affordability We’ve passed on the savings we’ve made in the administration of our business and the tailoring of our staff to enrolments, to provide you with more affordable care.
When combined with the ability to book sessions rather than whole days, this makes us much more affordable than long day care, nannies and babysitting services. As a Government Approved and Accredited child care and early education service, we also help you reduce your out of pocket expenses further through the Child Care Subsidy.
​​ Flexibility
At Kindoo! you can better match the care and education you need to your daily schedule.
This allows you to pay for care when you need it rather than whole days. We run five sessions of care and education each day starting from 7am right through to 11.30pm including
Before Care (7.00am to 8.30am Monday to Friday)
Core Care / kindergarten (8.30am to 1.30pm Monday to Friday)
Extension (1.30pm to 4.00pm Monday to Friday)
After Care (4.00pm to 6.30pm Monday to Friday)
Evening Care (6.30pm to 11.30pm Monday to Saturday)
Bookings are easily made online and can be
  • Permanent (same time, same day, each week) 
  • Casual (as and when you need it)
  • Emergency (when you need care in a hurry)
Simply book those sessions that match your needs.
Let’s use Catherine’s example.
Catherine works each Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 5pm so she would make a Permanent booking for the Core Care, Extension and After Care Sessions for her 2yo daughter Mia.
On Friday’s, however, Catherine, who works in hospitality, is required work from 2pm until 10pm. Her Permanent booking would be for the Extension, After Care and Evening Care sessions. 
She knows that she needs to get to the dentist next Monday at 3.00pm for a check up too. Catherine books the Extension session  from 1.30pm to 4pm on a Casual basis. Given a backlog in patients and a smash on the freeway though, Catherine knows she won’t be able to pick up Mia before 5pm. She calls the customer Service Team at Kindoo! and books an Emergency After Care session for Mia. Care sorted. No stress!
The beauty of this service too is that it is open to all children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years with before and after school care and our full day, Camp Kindoo! Holiday Program also availaable  during term breaks.
Safe, free pick-up and drop-off transport is available to children enrolled in our Before School Care and After School Care programs. We service three local Primary Schools  all within a 5min drive of our centrally located Ferntree Gully Campus.
​​Superior education
Our carefully formulated learning and educational programs draw on the latest research and are specifically designed for all children attending Kindoo! regardless of age. Even from the youngest ages, we are able to provide programmed education to meet the developmental needs of children- whether this for babies learning to crawl and hold cutlery, to two year olds learning to speak and right through to later kindergarten aged children entering into primary school. Our programs follow the Early Years Learning and Development Framework (EYLDF). 
For example, within our Kindergarten Room, specially designed spaces are used not only for learning basic reading, writing and counting but also for the development of social skills, science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), self care in the form of fitness and health, nature and creativity. Within our Babies and Toddlers Rooms, activities such as sensory play and dramatic play are offered to assist their development. 
Safety and security
At Kindoo! you can have comfort that your child is being cared taught by staff that care about their welfare, have stringent processes and facilities in place to keep them safe and are passionate about their learning. We have strict safety protocols in place not only for each child’s physical safety but also to ensure that the highest hygiene standards are in place to protect against infections. 
Time Saving Technology
All bookings can be made online using our Parent App at any time of the day or night. We also provide tablet based Attendance Recording to make your the Sign In/ Sign Out process as quick and easy as possible.
Great Staff
Only enthusiastic, welcoming staff that are fully qualified, trained in the latest skills for early learning and have a genuine interest in the development of your child are employed at Kindoo! 
To find out more simply call us on 0434 869 035 to arrange a visit of our  central campus in Ferntree Gully. 

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