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We all worry about our children’s safety and wellbeing when they are not with us and it’s especially difficult when they cry as we leave. The Kindoo! Intro program helps little one’s transition smoothly and comfortably into care.

Kindoo! Intro is a process of putting high quality support in place for your child as they enter into care at Kindoo! It’s a transition process that helps support everyone along the way. 

Step One: Kindoo! Orientation

We invite all parents to Kindoo! to experience the care that their child will receive firsthand. Not only do you get to see what happens on a day-to-day basis, you will also be there to assist your child if they are nervous. At the same time, your Big Buddy will spend time with you both to get to understand your child and determine the best care routine while at Kindoo!

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Step Two: Transitional Bookings

Depending on your time frame, we put in place a routine of shorter bookings to help orientate your child to Kindoo! This will help make your child feel safer, secure and eager to come. Shorter, introduction sessions at the beginning of care will help your child feel safer far more quickly plus provide you with reassurance that they are being appropriately supported and cared for.

Step Three: Big Buddies

Prior to Orientation, your family will be matched with a Kindoo! Big Buddy. These are responsible, caring educators (often Room Leaders) committed to making a difference in the life of your child. They are a friend, a positive role model, a nurturer of possibilities and advocate for their Little Buddy.

Big Buddies also act as your daily contact point and attend Orientation with you, finding out all there is to know about the tailored care you would like for your child. 

Teacher in the kindergarten
Step Four: Tailored Routines We all know that when children feel supported and secure, they have the best opportunity to thrive and excel. By incorporating your daily routines into ours, we help support your child’s sense of belonging and comfort at Kindoo!. Continuation of your routines will help nurture positive attachments and a sense of familiarity which, in turn, grows confidence.

Step Five: See it all in action

On a daily basis, parents are provided with important information (via the Kindoo!app) about their child’s wellbeing. When they slept. When they ate. When they toiletted.

We also provide parents with photos and videos of their child’s day and information around the learning that they were engaged in while at Kindoo!

This is all done electronically and there’s even a hotline to our Educators if you need to briefly check in.  

Happy child care at Kindoo
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