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Care and education for all ages


Before Care

7.00am to 8.30am
Monday to Friday

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Core/ Kinder

8.30am to 4.00pm
Monday to Friday

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After Care

4.00pm to 6.30pm
Monday to Friday

Full Day Care

7.00am to 6.30pm
Monday to Friday


Evening Care

6.30pm to 11.30pm
Monday to Saturday


Camp Kindoo! Holiday Program

7.00am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday ​
Only during term holidays

The Kindoo! Way

The Kindoo! Way is based on our vision of providing parents with flexible, high quality education and childcare options… cost effective options based on the needs of modern families.


• Choose the times and days that work for you- we're open from 7am till 11.30pm Monday to Saturday

• Enjoy the convenience of both Casual and Permanent bookings as well as Emergency bookings for those unpredictable situations

• 24/7 internet based bookings make arranging care a breeze

• Stay up to date with your child's learning via our regular newsletter, Daily snaps, wellbeing notifications, learning stories and daily learning reflections delivered straight to your Inbox.


• Specialised learning programs designed using the latest research for your child's age group ​​

• State-of-the-art campus with modern, planned educational resources ​​carefully sourced to reduce our carbon footprint

• Curriculum for all ages including invaluable social skills education ​​

• Chill Out zones for tired or quieter kids incororated into each room and for all age groups ​​

• Highly educated, accredited staff who nurture and support. Educators are overseen by our amazing Educational Leader- they're always up to date with the latest research and learning ​​

• Exceptional school readiness program for those entering primary school ​​

• Fun, social and engaging school holiday programs designed with your child's interests in mind


Before & After Care

Take the hassle out of your day with our carefully programmed, small group Before and After Hours Programs.

If you need to get to work early, drop your child off any time after 7.00am and let us take care of the rest! When 8.30am arrives, your child will be ready to start their learning journey with a full tummy and a smile on their face.  

Your booking can be either on a Casual, Emergency or Permanent basis. Bookings are limited in numbers (so be quick!) and don’t forget- government rebates such as the Child Care Subsidy apply.

Become a Kindoo! Kid today!

Chase away the humdrum and book your child in for some fun and adventure at our own in-house Kindoo! Kindergarten or Core Program for under 3yo’s.

Forget about high cost long day care centre programs- our programs are developed by a degree qualified Educational Leader, offered by our Kindergarten Teacher and Diploma qualified educators. They offer stimulating activities specifically designed to grow the skills and imagination of your child- no matter what their age.

Activities within this session include: 

– science and exploration, 

– health, nutrition and wellbeing, 

– social skills, 

– music and movement, 

– construction and building 

and role playing/ imaginary play just to name a few! 

And don’t forget our multiple sessions outside each day either. Our amazing natural playground and multi-purpose undercover area are our third classroom! Yoga, dance, messy play, sand pits, climbing, ball games, letter treasure hunts, kitchen garden, cooking are all encompassed in our play based learning programs.  

Our school readiness program is also there to help provide your child with the skills they will need in order to progress to the school yard and classroom from childcare/ kinder. 

Our Core and Kindergarten sessions can also be extended with our After Care session for those needing additional hours. 

Become a Kindoo! Kid today!_


Core/ Kindergarten


Full Day Care

Book one… book all! With the convenience of Kindoo’s online booking system, it’s just as easy to book in for a full day of care as it is to book a single session. This session spans from 7am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday. 

Knowing that our programs are run by a fully qualified Educational Leader backed by quality resources and qualified, nurturing teachers and Educators, your child will have a fun and education packed day… with the benefit of both child care and quality education rolled into the day. 

Government benefits such as the Childcare Subsidy may apply depending on your individual circumstances.

Become a Kindoo! Kid today!

Maybe you work shifts or simply need to attend an event in the evening… finally there is a solution that does not involve favours from Grandma! 

Kindoo!’s innovative Evening Care program  runs from 6.30pm until 11.30pm each night of the week (except Sundays) and is as simple as dropping off your child to us and letting us take care of the rest.

With individual care and attention provided to each child in the bedtime environment to the fun games and reading before bed, we take the time to assist your child have a peaceful and comfy sleep ’till you return.

Depending on your individual circumstances, the Child Care Subsidy is also available.


Evening Care


Camp Kindoo! Holiday Care

The maths is not hard to work out! If you, like many other families, have 4+4 weeks of annual leave pa, and your child has 12 weeks of holidays each year, who looks after them for the remaining 4-weeks each year? 

Much more fun than going to Grandma’s, Kindoo! runs a Holiday Care program specifically designed to engage pre-schoolers and junior primary school aged children. The days are full and jam packed with fun- from outdoor and wellness activities to creative and inspirational pursuits, playing with new and old friends and themed dress days, your child will be begging to come again tomorrow. 

Our full day programs run from 7.00am until 6.30pm to fit in with your work hours.

Child care subsidies can apply too.  Become a Kindoo! Kid today. 


Happy Parents

I'm not sure what I would do without these guys, more than a daycare centre very flexible and accommodating. If you are looking for growth and personal development for your child please at least do a trial!

Holli T
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